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This is totally amazing. All the other tutorials touches only on some very basic stuff, and this is full proof stuff with test and all that! Really amazing job!
userMarcin Krawczyk
Vladimir is very professional and I have learned a lot from him, thank you for making this high-quality course!
userWalid Rashed
I rarely post comments, but when I get content like this, I need to! Thanks a lot for the good work, the explanations are clear and complete. Thanks a lot, it will definitely improve my nest js skill !
userCorentin Clichy
This has been by far the best tutorial I have seen about authentication in nest with jwt, congratulations!
userAndrés Carillo
What a masterclass on the subject! Thank you really much for publishing this video!
userMarcin Krawczyk
Top knotch video quality and knowledge. Very easy to grasp. Thank you!
userAyush Dedhia


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  • checkNestJs Architecture
  • checkGuards, Decorators, Transformers
  • checkCaching with Redis
  • checkREST API
  • checkUnit Testing & mocking
  • checkIntegration Testing
  • checkSession based authentication
  • checkRole based Authorization (RBAC)
  • checkIntegration with Prisma

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